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As an independent technology consulting firm, we strive to create the right solutions for our 1,000 clients worldwide. We have been working on major projects for over a decade, involving every industry: from pharmaceuticals to automotive, from telecommunications to finance, from consumer products to digital services.


We find the best system engineering solutions to support our clients in all R&D stages and bring their ideas to life. We assess the feasibility of new engineering projects to mitigate the risks, conduct operational tests and build the future of Manufacturing 4.0.

IS & Digital

We help businesses with their digital transformation. From creating a digital roadmap to leveraging the power of data and developing automated tailor-made solutions or providing cloud solutions, we ensure our client’s success and performance.


We partner with integrators, constructors, and operators to deploy their network, modernize existing infrastructures, and increase efficiency. We support our clients in the design, installation, and maintenance of different telecommunication systems.

Life Science

We help Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Biotechnology companies design their products' strategy. Combining our core market knowledge and analytical capabilities, we advise our clients accordingly regarding governmental regulations and market dynamics.

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We can’t wait to learn how we can make your dreams and aspirations a reality.


It’s more than a job, it’s an adventure full of possibilities.

Our first chat will be focused on understanding your core motivations.

We never stop learning and this goes both ways. Our learning platform will help you develop your hard and soft skills. Remember that we cherish transparency, and we welcome your feedback and ideas. We want to grow as well.

But it’s not all about work! You will join a community of fun and dynamic professionals – we help each other and love to celebrate our achievements together.


Positive Impact

We believe in the power of connection and we understand the importance of building authentic and supportive relationships with our stakeholders to achieve a sustainable development.

Committed to making a real and measurable impact on the world, our teams often collaborate with local associations and NGOs.

  • Organizing a Clean Walks in Canada

  • Collecting wastes polluting the Singaporean river with all the local teams

  • Collecting 440g kg of food given to local charities for World Food Day in Italy.

  • Creating a partnership with Engineering Good which will refurbish electronic devices and donate it to beneficiaries such as low-income families.