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" Committing to sustainability and strengthening our talent community’s sense of belonging through fun volunteer-led events is my purpose.

My name is Floyd Guirand, and it seems that I'm close to turning 40 😅, I have three children, and I have 14 years of Software Engineering experience. I joined Amaris less than two years ago, and right from the beginning I had a clear idea of the added value I could bring to the company. In addition to my engineering skills and experience gained over the years at various companies, I believed my social intelligence skills could be beneficial to our teams and the organization. That is why I volunteered to lead Amaris Consulting's social events in Canada. I've seen that having all our people working together towards a common goal can make a real positive impact.
What started as a simple proposal to organize an online team building activity during the pandemic led to the creation of two social committees: one in Montreal and the other in Toronto. This year, 2022, we have been able to carry out many activities focused on sustainable development, such as the first edition of the "Clean Walk" in Canada to support World Environment Day. I am grateful to be part of Amaris Consulting, where I can continue to build my professional career, engage in social initiatives, and commit to environmental sustainability.

" Amaris Consulting recognizes my effort, dedication, commitment, and hard work, and gave me the opportunity to grow throughout these 7 years. I’m super grateful for this.

I started as an IT Consultant, with the goal of becoming a Project Manager, because I’ve always pursued the managing part and team leading. In the middle of this journey, however, I had the opportunity to become a manager. I didn’t know what this role was until this opportunity presented itself. It sounded great because it was a mix of three things that I really love -managing people and clients, competition and commercial approach, and the IT sector. So, I thought, why not? I then started my career as a manager, then Senior Manager, Department Manager, and now Operational Director.
Once again, the role of a director has that image that it’s a “man’s job” … I’m quite grateful to have this responsibility and to be recognized for my achievements at Amaris Consulting. I have a phrase that I use almost every day: Do not complicate the situation by giving in to fear. It is this fear that makes you stronger. Be bold! P.S. Throughout this journey, I would not have done anything differently!

" Working in international environment brings me priceless meetings and provides me with unique opportunities for personal growth

After graduating in Business Administration in 2008, I started my career as an IT consultant in Paris. Throughout my professional career, I have acquired experience in e-commerce as a business analyst, project manager, Scrum master and Product owner mainly for Retail companies.
I joined Amaris Consulting in 2018 and it has been an exciting journey so far. Right from the beginning, my manager entrusted me with a key account for the company. Working in the e-commerce department of our client, a leading company in the luxury sector, gives me the opportunity to work in an international and dynamic environment. These projects allowed to grasp the full international power of Amaris Consulting, being able to help our client anywhere in the world. During these past four years, I have had the opportunity to work from Shanghai, Seoul and Dubai, which has helped me to broaden my knowledge and further develop my skills. I am grateful to be part of this great community and feel fortunate to work with colleagues from all over the world and learn about other cultures.

" The challenge here is very big and exciting and the objectives very ambitious!

I joined Amaris Consulting in 2014 as Manager in Italy for the IS&D Business Line. It was very exciting to see our activities and our clients to growth day by day. We opened clients great accounts.
I quickly evolved as Senior Manager in 2016 and then Department Manager in 2018. I accepted the challenge to develop the offices in Bologna and Rome. In 2020, Iwas promoted to Operational Director for Italy and thus managed 6 offices and a team of managers for all IS & Digital activities. After 7 years in the company, I was appointed Director for the Colombian team. An exciting challenge with ambitious objectives!

" My first year was far from being a success. However, my managers trusted me by giving me a new opportunity. Two years later I created a Business Unit from scratch with 50 people. Then Lyon, Switzerland, Brazil and finally Asia where I am now the Executive Vice President.

I am a Brazilian who decided very early to see the world and at 17 years old I left my country.
For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about business (the most profitable deal of my career was trading my PlayStation 1 for a horse 😊).
I trained as an engineer in France and joined a Junior Entreprise in 2009. During a prospecting meeting, I met the founder of Amaris, he was amused by my offer and promised me a job after my graduation.
So, I joined the company in 2013 as an intern in Paris. My first year was far from being a success. However, my managers believed in my potential and gave me the opportunity to move to Strasbourg. 2 years later, from scratch, I created a Business Unit with 50 people. I moved to Lyon, and 3 years later we had grown from 80 to 300 people. Then Switzerland, Brazil and finally Vietnam. Today, I am the Executive Vice President for Asia.

" Amaris Consulting has offered me the ideal environment to grow professionally and benefit from its international mobility program to broaden my expertise and develop new skills.

I joined Amaris Consulting in 2015 as an HR Assistant to complete my internship year in Lyon. Upon completion of my studies, I returned to the company and continued building my career as HR Officer.
A year later, I moved to Romania to support the launch of a new team. I was supposed to stay there for only six months, but I enjoyed it so much that I decided to stay longer.
January 2018 marked an important step in my career. Not only because I was promoted to Senior HR Officer, but also because I was involved in one of the most challenging projects for me to date. We opened a new office in Tunisia. With 100 new recruits in just one year, I had to develop my intercultural management skills to foster understanding of different cultural values and working practices.
Now, Amaris Consulting continues to support my professional aspirations and has made it possible for me to settle in Barcelona, where I am delighted to raise my new-born. By having many of the group's brands activities and different countries under my management as HR Partner, I can still enjoy a multicultural environment, as well as have a good work-life balance.

" What I value the most at Amaris Consulting is the autonomy given and the encouragement to try new things even if sometimes it means failing.

I joined Amaris Consulting in 2016 for an internship as Talent Acquisition Officer in Barcelona. Since then, I have not stopped growing professionally. As a hard worker and fast learner, I soon got promoted to Talent Acquisition Manager for Spain.
In 2017, a new challenge was set for me. I moved to Bucharest to set up a team that would be responsible for the emerging regions. It is one of the projects from which I have learned the most, by developing innovative recruitment strategies for country openings.
Once the team was established in Bucharest, I had the opportunity to fulfill my wish to move to Vietnam. Being Regional Talent Acquisition Manager for South Asia was a big step in my career, but the highlight was getting to know another culture, along with its traditions.
I am now back in Barcelona where I am in charge of developing the talent acquisition strategy for Amaris Consulting worldwide, working closely with the executive committee on a daily basis.
Belonging to this community and being able to work with such exceptional people is what motivates me to continue giving the best of myself and deliver the highest candidate experience to all talents!

" The chance to live in several countries and work with multicultural teams has enabled me to master two new languages and I am currently learning a third.

After finishing my studies in Management and Marketing, I wanted to explore different areas and find the career path I truly wanted to follow. Amaris Consulting gave me the opportunity to join the accounting team in Bucharest. My willingness to learn and develop, along with the support and resources available within the company, helped me to successfully carry out my responsibilities and become Accounting Manager in just one year.
Always looking for new adventures and challenges, I did not hesitate when I was offered to move to Vietnam and help build the local accounting team. In addition to broadening my horizons and growing my management and analytical skills, it was a very rewarding experience on a personal level.
A year and a half later, I returned to Bucharest and continued to grow, taking on new responsibilities. In 2020, I took control of the group-level accounting teams for Romania and Mauritius managing around 30 people.
Now I am starting a new journey in Medellin with enthusiasm and I am eager to discover what I can learn from this country and its culture. I am really glad to take onboard this accounting team. I am also thrilled to be entrusted with an additional role with the purpose of creating a positive collective local dynamic that makes everyone give their best.

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