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    From Trainee to Executive Vice President

  • Joana Ferraria

    From Consultant to Operational Director

  • Daniela Roldan Alzate

    From Manager to Director

" My first year was far from being a success. However, my managers trusted me by giving me a new opportunity. Two years later I created a Business Unit from scratch with 50 people. Then Lyon, Switzerland, Brazil and finally Asia where I am now the Executive Vice President.

I am a Brazilian who decided very early to see the world and at 17 years old I left my country.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about business (the most profitable deal of my career was trading my PlayStation 1 for a horse 😊).

I trained as an engineer in France and joined a Junior Entreprise in 2009. During a prospecting meeting, I met the founder of Amaris, he was amused by my offer and promised me a job after my graduation.

So, I joined the company in 2013 as an intern in Paris. My first year was far from being a success. However, my managers believed in my potential and gave me the opportunity to move to Strasbourg. 2 years later, from scratch, I created a Business Unit with 50 people. I moved to Lyon, and 3 years later we had grown from 80 to 300 people. Then Switzerland, Brazil and finally Vietnam. Today, I am the Executive Vice President for Asia.

" Amaris Consulting recognizes my effort, dedication, commitment, and hard work, and gave me the opportunity to grow throughout these 7 years. I’m super grateful for this.

I started as an IT Consultant, with the goal of becoming a Project Manager, because I’ve always pursued the managing part and team leading. In the middle of this journey, however, I had the opportunity to become a manager. I didn’t know what this role was until this opportunity presented itself. It sounded great because it was a mix of three things that I really love -managing people and clients, competition and commercial approach, and the IT sector. So, I thought, why not? I then started my career as a manager, then Senior Manager, Department Manager, and now Operational Director. Once again, the role of a director has that image that it’s a “man’s job” … I’m quite grateful to have this responsibility and to be recognized for my achievements at Amaris Consulting. I have a phrase that I use almost every day: Do not complicate the situation by giving in to fear. It is this fear that makes you stronger. Be bold! P.S. Throughout this journey, I would not have done anything differently!

" The challenge here is very big and exciting and the objectives very ambitious!

I joined Amaris Consulting in 2014 as Manager in Italy for the IS&D Business Line. It was very exciting to see our activities and our clients to growth day by day. We opened clients great accounts.  I quickly evolved as Senior Manager in 2016 and then Department Manager in 2018. I accepted the challenge to develop the offices in Bologna and Rome. In 2020, Iwas promoted to Operational Director for Italy and thus managed 6 offices and a team of managers for all IS & Digital activities. After 7 years in the company, I was appointed Director for the Colombian team. An exciting challenge with ambitious objectives!

We are proud of our inspiring intrapreneurs who continue to build their career path within our company.


of the people at Operational Director level or above started with Amaris Consulting at entry level.


of our people work in a different country than their nationality