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We operate on various fields such as: Transportation, Radio Access network, Core & Services, Project Management & Realization

Engineering & High Tech

Our teams of experts managed a projects from in various industries from Rail, Aeronautics & Naval, Aerospace, Defence, Electronics, Energy, Industrial …

Business Management

We support our clients managing the transformation regarding: IT Governance, BPMN, Compliance and Business operations

Biotech, Pharma & HEMA

Our teams’ objective is to optimise procedures, improve productivity, ensure quality and reduce costs.

Information Technologies

We offer our teams & clients a wide range of innovative projects: System, Architecture, Database, Integration testing & Operations, Business Intelligence

Amaris in several numbers

Amaris, it’s also a Collaborative Foundation !

In 2016, Amaris has reaffirmed its social commitment by launching the Amaris Foundation.

Their first call for project have been launched in September 2016.

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